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Screening &  

Meeting the eligibility requirements:
Following the 3-step application process
- The Letter of Experience
- The Application Essay 
- The Letter of Recommendation

Screening and Selection will be completed by a team. The Screening and Selection Team will be made-up of members with shared backgrounds and experiences similar to the candidates. The Team includes Cultural Elders and Champions from the Black community who are dedicated to the visions and values guiding the total experience for this year of refreshing, revitalizing. The Team will be listening, practicing empathy or walking in the shoes of the candidate's experience. This practice will assure that the Team and each Team member is screening for an excellent fit for the Black Legacy and Leadership Enrichment Initiative. 

Successful candidates will demonstrate readiness to experience refreshing, rebuilding, and restorative support for their unique contribution to the lived experiences within the Black community. The candidates who will be selected as finalists are people who have dedicated time, spirit and energy without asking for anything in return and who want to enrich their skills and connections to others in order to sustain their work as well as to grow as more effective leaders. Successful candidates know how to give support and will be able to describe how receiving support and becoming a more effective leader will benefit the community. Finalists selected for the Initiative will refresh and restore their capacity to achieve their desired outcomes and grow potential in the areas where they live or work.


Applicants are committed to deepening their capacity for receiving and asking for support to carry the weight of the work they are doing in their community and within their personal lives. Applicants come from all backgrounds, and sectors within the Black community.  Applicants from non-traditional walks of life, areas of work(s), and areas of achievement will be highly sought out, recruited, and encouraged to apply.  


Seven finalists will be selected for the Black Legacy and Leadership Enrichment Initiative pilot each year for the three years of the pilot. The criteria for selecting finalists is grounded by identifying a combination of an exceptional record of fulfilling a personal calling, acceptance of the call of community and the responsibility for community building, and a personal awareness and self-assessment of their readiness for refreshment, restoration and regeneration and its necessity for keeping their work going. 

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